e diel, 9 shkurt 2014

Storm Trooper Helmet

I modeled this on Saturday for fun. I was sick and needed something to do and I was thinking Star Wars:)

e enjte, 14 korrik 2011


Another Z-lunch study.

e mërkurë, 6 korrik 2011

Z-Skull Statue, Castle Dracula

This is a prop I'm working on for a project Josh and I are working on, Castle Dracula.

Joker Z-Lunch Study

Lunch study at work using Z-Brush.

e martë, 12 prill 2011

El General

This was a lunch study we did awhile ago. I was trying to focus on values but it was a toughy for me.

e shtunë, 19 shkurt 2011

Eskeleto at Bald Mountain

This is an old drawing I did for Joe Olson's class. I used some Photoshop magic to make it look ghosty like.

e premte, 10 shtator 2010

e martë, 31 gusht 2010

Old Maggie Smith

This is a fun lunch study we did a bit here and there over the week.

e mërkurë, 28 korrik 2010


Doodles of elephants and rhino.

Figure Drawings

Thought I would just compile all of these to one image.

e mërkurë, 28 prill 2010

Lunch Study 2

It's amazing how after working on a piece for awhile you stop noticing when something is horribly wrong with it.

e hënë, 26 prill 2010

Lunch Study

The title isn't completely honest. This took me around 4 hours. My brother is teaching me how to paint. He makes it look easier than it is.

e hënë, 22 qershor 2009


This is a 45 minute lunch study. It is a character from gangster movie I haven't seen. I believe they call this guy the Butcher.

e martë, 2 qershor 2009

Holyrood Chapel

This is a ruin of an abbey church in Scotland. I don't think I did it a whole lot of justice, but it was fun to model.

e diel, 24 maj 2009

Star Wars

Now I'll I need to do is get married and have kids.

e diel, 5 prill 2009

Semi Truck for X-ing

It's finally finished. It took me a long time to texture, but I sure learned a lot doing it.


This was for a friend of mine. He made a short film that I still have no idea what it was about, but apparently it required a model of an AK-47 so I made him one.

Stuff I did on the X-ing

Here are some earlier models and textures I did for X-ing. I can't take credit though for the spectacular texture on the armadillo Stubbs. That was done by Cameron Taylor.

e diel, 22 mars 2009


This is what I have so far for an environmental assignment in Sam's digital painting class. Yarr... I don't know what I'm doing.

e mërkurë, 11 shkurt 2009


This is Squidy. He is an imaginary friend who is very frightened of his owner Todd. Todd is a mean kid and shows no mercy to anyone. Even though Squidy is much bigger than Todd, he is too scared to stand up to him until one day. I'm going to be painting this character for Sam's digital painting class.

e premte, 19 dhjetor 2008

General Davis and Itzel

Character designs for Joe's final.

e martë, 9 dhjetor 2008

Joe's Final

Environment for Joe's final.

e premte, 17 tetor 2008

Imaginary Friend

This is Charley the octopus. He's an imaginary friend who is terrified of his owner.