e hënë, 29 tetor 2007

Construction Manager

Robot managers are far more efficient and never complain.

e martë, 23 tetor 2007

Here is my hero and nonstereotypical villain for Ryan's class. Who would of ever thought that Batman was going to get it from a baby seal.

e premte, 19 tetor 2007

The Summoner

This is a drawing I did in Joe's class. Inking and markering it was fun but I'm not very good at it.

e mërkurë, 17 tetor 2007

This is a character of Dan Akroyd, but that isn't all that characterized. I mostly just gave him a huge head. Cone Heads.

e mërkurë, 10 tetor 2007

These are line drawings for Ryan's class of the silhouettes we did.