e diel, 29 qershor 2008


This is the Shaq character I've been working on. I want him to be the villain for an idea I'm working on. He's very intelligent and deceitful.

e hënë, 23 qershor 2008

Technological Nightmare

There is nothing quiet as terrifying as a great white shark, except for a great white shark that can fly and has a freaking laser gun attached to his head.

e diel, 22 qershor 2008

Secrets of the North

This is part of my final for Ryan's class. I'm reposting it because I didn't really like the other characters I did so I took them out. The story is about an Eskimo who becomes friends with a snow monster.

e enjte, 12 qershor 2008

Spooky Trees

These are some tree models I rendered and photoshoped the crap out of. This is a place you don't want to find yourself on a full moon.