e premte, 19 dhjetor 2008

General Davis and Itzel

Character designs for Joe's final.

e martë, 9 dhjetor 2008

Joe's Final

Environment for Joe's final.

e premte, 17 tetor 2008

Imaginary Friend

This is Charley the octopus. He's an imaginary friend who is terrified of his owner.

e mërkurë, 24 shtator 2008

Saint Holyrood Chapel Ruins

This is a personal project I'm working on. I'm currently figuring out sharers and finishing the model. This chapel has a lot of interesting history with royalty in Scotland.

e mërkurë, 17 shtator 2008

Cow Skull

This is a prop for our Senior film that's going to be crushed by the semi truck.

e martë, 26 gusht 2008

Semi Texture

This is the progress I've made so far the semi truck I'm doing for a student film I'm working on. It's just in the earlier stages at this point.

e diel, 10 gusht 2008

Trip to Jackson Hole

These are pictures I took while we drove through Yellow Stone Park. We did get out of course to take the pictures. There were some other cool things I saw, but my dang batteries ran out.

e shtunë, 2 gusht 2008

Graphic Monster

I was just playing around with an old design I did for fun.

e diel, 29 qershor 2008


This is the Shaq character I've been working on. I want him to be the villain for an idea I'm working on. He's very intelligent and deceitful.

e hënë, 23 qershor 2008

Technological Nightmare

There is nothing quiet as terrifying as a great white shark, except for a great white shark that can fly and has a freaking laser gun attached to his head.

e diel, 22 qershor 2008

Secrets of the North

This is part of my final for Ryan's class. I'm reposting it because I didn't really like the other characters I did so I took them out. The story is about an Eskimo who becomes friends with a snow monster.

e enjte, 12 qershor 2008

Spooky Trees

These are some tree models I rendered and photoshoped the crap out of. This is a place you don't want to find yourself on a full moon.

e diel, 25 maj 2008


This is an armadillo's worst nightmare.


This is a model I did for Seth Hippin. This is based off his design.

e shtunë, 24 maj 2008


This is my first attempt at Z-Brush. It's a lot of fun, but I don't have mental ray to render out a quality normal map so here just a screen capture.

e premte, 18 prill 2008

The Xaq

This is a personal project that is in it's early stages right now. This is the Xaq.

e hënë, 14 prill 2008

Golfer Dude

This is a work in progress. In the process of texturing now.

e diel, 24 shkurt 2008

Who said Utah wasn't Pretty?

I love to go up into the mountains and breath in some fresh air. It's peaceful. The only thing you got to watch out for are those mountain lions.


This was as close as I got. Nobody else wanted to go.


These are pictures I took on my last trip there, except for the last one which has me in it of course. This is one of my favorite places in the world. I love to mountain bike, hike, camp, and fish there.

Painting with Light

These were fun to do. It was like using magic markers for the first time.


This right here is the definition of procrastination. The day this photography assignment was due two dudes were left with no choice but to do a portrait assignment together. As you can see, it was quite early in the morning. We got the assignment done, but unfortunately, we forgot to change before going to class.

e mërkurë, 6 shkurt 2008


This is one of my attempts at a female armadillo.