e premte, 18 prill 2008

The Xaq

This is a personal project that is in it's early stages right now. This is the Xaq.

4 komente:

Jake tha...

Lakers Shaq or Orlando Magic Shaq?

Jacob Hunter Black tha...

If he were to play basketball, it'd be for Orlando. Actually, I missed spelt it the first time. It's Xaq, which in Katchikel, means black charcoal or soot.

Scarlet Verdeja tha...

jake your models are great. they are very detailed and finished. good job jake, i like them a lot.

Jared Scott Greenleaf tha...

Kinda looks like a variant of the golfer dude. Which makes me kind of scared of the golfer dude.

Glad I found your site!

See you around.